15 meshes

dot driftwood
falko burke fireplace (deco only)
gosik zen birds
lunasims books (4 meshes, sims 2 conversion by evanesco)
mooigray monstera
nanu jute basket ( 3 variations, recolors by pseudodigs)
nemestnaya small boat
Pilar metropol plant
pyszny16 modena living chair ( 3 variations, recolors by casaslindas)
pyszny16 york chair
simply styling wall deco
steffor starlamp
wondymoon krypton chair  

Dot, Falko, Gosik, Mooigray, Lunasims,
Nanu, Nemestnaya, Pilar, Pyszny16, Simply styling

2 comments on "MISC CONVERSIONS VII"
  1. I'm in the process of downloading all of your conversions for the sims 4 and I just wanted to take the time to say thank you! These are amazing! <3


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