Recolors of Sanoysims letterboards, standing & wall version
12 swatches each.

credit: Sanoysims

meshes included
9 comments on "LETTERBOX RECOLORS"
  1. where did you get the wallpaper, its really cute!

  2. Hi, None of your download adfly links are currently working. Which is such a shame because this CC happens to be my favourite. I hope this can get fixed.
    Best wishes.

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  5. All this stuff is out of date. First it would be nice if the years were posted here as well; all this stuff being from 2015/2016. I know MOST CC doesn't ever need an update but it's nice to get some refreshed favs every now and again.

  6. All of these adfly links send me into a spam loop. Anyway you could just make a cc dump folder or something?

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